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If he is cruel then you have to prove it in Court, so you can get compensation, and same thing he can also do if he prove your cruelty on him if any, but unfortunatly he will not get any compensation, coz Indian judiciary draft laws in favor of women only.

Why to blame Father only for the Childs fate for not having luxurious life, that child will decide when he mature, Now you are affraid that child will find your faults and will not respect you.

He can marry Again,coz you took the child, he has right to marry and have Children, and no one is stopping you from getting married again.

He has money coz he work hard, anyone stopped you to do same ? NO.

I dont under stand why women think she is handicapped and others should support her.

Presidnet of India is a Women,and whole Congress kabaddi team under the thumb of a Women