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1) What are the cases filed by you till today?

– 498a,divorce, child custody, maintenance

2)Who are the accussed in cases filed by you?

– hubby, MIL and FIL

3)What is the period of Separation ?

– 3years

4)What you have gained during the separation?

– lost everything.

5)How is your life pre 498a and post 498a ? Are you satisfied with your life after 498a?

– was not happy either ways

6)What are the reconciliation efforts done by you and your family?

– marriage counsellors

7)What was the reason of dispute between you and your hubby?

-please go thru my earlier post

8)Your child wants to be with whom :(a) Only Mom, (b) Only Dad, (c) Both mom and dad.

– both

9)Whom do you think the child should be with :(a) Only Mom, (b) Only Dad, (c) both mom and dad


10)What is your qualification ? Were you working earlier and now?If yes then what is your earning?

PG/No/yes- less than15K