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child who has been with the mother 24/7 since he/she is born will obviously choose mother to father in case if we ask and if the child is able to speak. (assuming the mother is not cruel to the child). if mother has left her career to take care of the child proves that mother is not cruel. mother and father both have equal role to play in child it right to ask the child who is less than two years to choose between mother and father? and also to take away the child who is still dependend on mother for nurishment.

giving access of child irrespective whether maintenace is given shows that child is not deprived of father love and comfort. Child when he grows up will have his own thinking. who knows how many of us will live that long. even the childrens with normal life and both parents together do not look after their old parents when they grow up. but is it right to expect any thing in return for giving life and upbringing of the child.

different people behave differently in the same situation.

where the husband is in good position and earning well there is no question of mother in law doing house work. what if wife cooks (even though cook is there )but husband and in laws still do not like it.