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Todays children depend on mothers….? or TIN food

I have not seen todays much women breast feed, coz every nook and corner of the country you get AMUL/nestle prodcuts. Todays women more care about their beauty than Child.

Child always take Mother side when small, but i foundout real value of Father when i passed elementry and after that i never felt any need of mother than Father. and i seen other fatherless children struggling lead and live a descent life.

For real Indian Mother cooking for her Children is showing her Love,Her son may be earning in millions still, if she really care for him, she will cook even she is sick. and most of us aft for home food than 5 is said mans heart through food. but when man marry everything changes, todays women do not want to cook….!

sorry sorry they dunno how to cook

They want outside food, they do not want to findout what type of food husband and his family and blame saying in laws do not like her food. and if MIL correct her she will get angry, then everything start to break…