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not all mothers are fortunate to breast feed their childrens. there can be medical reasons too. eg mother is diabetic depending on medicines/ she is under nurished, she is not able to produce sufficient milk, mother of twins or quadruplicate etc . breast feeding is important in first six months of the childs life. amul/nestle products are suppliment to the mothers milk. even if she is feeding amul/nestle products she is not keeping the child hungry. mother who have breast feeded the child are more beautiful. they loose the unwanted weight they have gained during the pregnancy.

mother and father both are important for a child. you ask the child who has lost his father/mother he can tell better. luv towards child can be expressed in different way not necessarily by cooking. a simple hug without a word is also enough.

there are many man who are not able to eat home food because of their work schedule or travels. some man do not eat at home even though their wife cook just to show their anger.

if man hearts is through stomach. that means woman are different they do not have heart or stomach?? all 5 star hotels have male cooks that prooves man can cook better than woman. nobody is perfect. you can expect a wife to be a very cook she may not have cooking skills. she come from a different back ground. adapting to a different environment does take time. one should also understand that she had left her parents house to stay with you. what if you also help her. is it not right to share the responsibility. what if you both cook and serve your mother for a change. that will show your affection to your mother and also to your wife. this small small changes could have made difference.

modern woman go to work, cook food, manage home, look after childrens, take up their studies. their responsibilities have doubled so what if man share some responsibility. Also remember your mother, sister or daughter are also woman.

two persons can not have same thinking and preferences. so there is bound to be differences of opinions.

wrong or right can be decided by a third person somebody who is unbaised.