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We all growup without nestle/amul TIN food. our mothers are not diabetic even today.

Why todays women only get diabetic and give excuse to breast feed,

coz they like to eat out,

they do not want to cook at home, healthy food.

they want servents.

our mothers even today respect their husbands, and husband gave locker key in his wifes hand, thats LOVE and understanding, today women designed to run away anytime and they have ample excuses and reasons, and they do not have slight respect for them, but they demand Locker key only.

men dont eat at home not to show their anger but wife is failed to cook his type of food and offcourse she did`t cook with Love.

most of the chefs, sorry Famous chefs are men not Women.If women is not capable to find a job or job worth to lead normal life she should learn cooking at least.You are not ashmed to say “she may not have cooking skills”

it is said Kitchen is women domain, at least in india. same i gave my wife 2 option COOK or pay house bills but she cannt do both, coz she never been to kitchen till marriage and she was telling paying bills is husband responsibility.

so women should understand her responsibility 1st before teaching her husband what his responsibility is.

if men and women chnage role man can learn cooking in at least in a month or so, can all women bring money and pay all house bills…?

moral of the story women have all the excuses and men pay the bills only