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Im not telling what diabetis person has to do; but my question is how someone will get diabetes even at this young age unless he or she eat outside food, and stick her/his ass in front of TV or gossiping instead doing some house work and expect even underwear washed by others.

and im sure you are around 30 years of age and its too early to be on medicine.

Common sense in cooking is what other want, not what you want to serv. then comes love.

yea true people are not born with cooking skils, but its a shame women is challenged by a man in cooking. and i can challenge any famous CHEFS in cooking and im sure im a MAN.

i did`t born with cooking skills but i mastered it. it takes WILL to learn, you do not want to talk about it coz you do not know cooking for sure.

Let me know what you have given to your husband and i will tell you what he has done for you.

so you got it what you wanted.

and i predicted that before

Todays Indian women want to reap where they dont sow;

instead jo boyega woh kayega.