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Yes! Child care is a full time job…and father has to pay for maintenance, while the mother is not working even if he is not living with the child…even if the mother is a post graduate or PHD…she has all the right in the world to take a break to raise her child!!

2) Infant care is a mother’s biological role…you can’t fight nature……..unless situation is extreme!!

3) You seem to be quite aggrieved that women don’t like cooking these days!! Who decided that ovaries are cooking organs….?…Bunch of women haters??? How is she disqualifies from her other skills coz she doesn’t like cooking!!

4) Your statistics about 98% of 498A cases are false–what is the source??fabricated lies??…I’ll say 100% women haters writing on forums are liars–don’t ask me the source..unless you come up with authentic sources yourself!!

5) YES…laws need to favor women…because some men had created inequality right from the beginning…who decided that women should sacrifice for everyone and everything in man’s household..??Why do you men think that being a man gives you the license to demand that u need not care for her parents but she owes you and your parents her life’s happiness!!And all of this just because she has ovaries??? you know that working women are made to work harder than men, coz they are expected to work at home too…even though they are physically weaker??..You are very fond of fabricating statistics.,,,yeah..98% and!!!Go find out some statistics on how many men equally share household work if their wives are working too???

6) You hate gender based laws…but you are ok with gender based inequality….as you yourself said women are supposed to cook and wash for men..(maybe even die for them if it were in your hands)……Are you UNAWARE and completely INNOCENT in the matter of gender based inequality……..?????