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Why man has to pay when he do not get even child visitation, as mother think child is her property ?

Even i seen many women refuse to add Fathers names in Child birth cirtificate too (Coz she only knows who is the real Father) but when matter of Child support comes she want money from her husband.

Men have no problem paying child maitenance but she has to show all that money spent on child only… and half of the money she should pay.

In the name of Infant care todays women want money from husband, there are men who take care of child better than women other than breast feed. and todays most women do not brestfeed too because they affaird and care more about their beauty.

i did`t said all women dosnt like to cook. i just said almost all Chefs are men

seach google for 498a misuse and renuka chaudrary and you will get news link what she said. She admited 98% 498a are false and its men time to suffer.

there are study reports and court records where only 2% convicted under 498A.

<B>WHY ? </B>

You said “…because some men had created inequality right from the beginning” so whats other men fault who suffer because of todays gender biased laws. Todays most women think only her brother/Father are saints and all other men are villains.

You women use big Word as sactifies instead house hold responsibility. what sacrifies you do. do not think men get whatever women think sacrified for her husband.

just read this you will get clear idea about what im talking about

yes i know how women are working in India, most of the time they gossip around and waste time. and i also know you are in New jersey and i very well know how women are treated their too. why they have to work at home too, if they pay half of the house BILLS they have right to ask husband for half work.

have you seen in US any reservation for women in public transport ? but we have here in india. thats what we call gender based inequality. that should stop.

last but not least, dont forget to read this [ GENDER EQUALITY –

Empower Women by Disempowering Men ]