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I don’t understand your twisted logics D’souza….!! You mean if the woman is not earning equal to man..she cannot be treated fairly..!!

So…you mean..if a child has a rich father and a moderate earning/ or not earning mom….and the child can be in mother’s custody…….so the child needs to live in poverty…or do you expect the mother should sell her kidney or something to provide equal money for the child..!!! ..

You really are saying men take better care of child…….I am yet to see a family where father is tending even one-fourth care to the child as the mom is….!!If you are quoting that beauty/breast feeding blog….for generalizing today’s women…should I quote a beastly father’s story to generalize what men are as dads!!Better stop generalizing on some loose blogs..

Yes…child care money should be used for child care only..(mother can do with her maintenance money).!! But if the money is for child’s accomodation…then mom will live in outhouse or what??…..

You are asking whats today’s man’s if earlier men had created inequality… innocent is that!..Today’s men are living that inequality, coz it suits them! I am YET TO SEE an Indian household where the tradition of inequality is not followed….Where men work equal hours as women,……give them equal respect…and consider her parents equally worthy respect and care as his own….!!

Send me the link sir for your statistics…dont ask me to search google!

Women working waste time gossiping???..huh!!..I do not know which world you live in…..coz real women WORK..and thats a woman talking to you!

AGAIN the TWISTED LOGIC of PAYING HALF……what do you want-kill women who don’t earn equal to their husbands, YET work equal hours, they deserve NO help at home??… she cannot pay half bills, as she is not making equal money–SO?…Its not about paying half……its about capacity and working hours and planning too.

So according to you, again a woman who is earning less than her husband should be killed to over work to match her husband’s earnings and savings…!!…and whatever is the dynamics you are talking about regarding bills…so lets assume her money not used to pay bills, but is saved,…which is later on used to pay for their house down payment or something……is NOT allowed house hold help.

I think ANY working woman deserves equal help from her husband …..which is sadly not the case…same men make their wives over work…..these men shrug off their own share of responsibilities..and deny her maintenance money too..!!