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I seen more countries than you, and every city in India,you may be fly only between India and US only.

// When men follow women…they are driven by their beauty and want her to marry them(even if she is NOT earning equal..they cant control their urges to marry beautiful, decorative women)…

Women are too clever to seduce/trap men with their inch thick makeup, if these men see them early morning without makeup, they will forget marrying her, or any women unless they find her attractive without makeup.same crude truth from you. (decorative women) rightly said.

you know for last 10 years Divorce arte in India jumped 40% from 5% because of your type of mentality and Legal Terrorism by women.You women do not want to take house responsibility(if not working) they think men going to office/work for party. Travelling to work in Bombay/Delhi/Calcutta/Bangalore is BIG headache than working whole day.

There is nothing manipulative in men, if women understand her duty and responsibility towards family.

I can show thousands men who did`t got anything from his wife, including me, unfortunalty my wife bought her 2 Dogs(BITCH)s too, and now its my responsibility to raise them too.

//Many women do not give money to pay bills”…Pray tell me what happens to that money eventually…who benefits…her papa? her mummy? her boyfriend ?………

Yes she spends on her family and another truth from you [her boyfriend] haha

thank you for the many hidden truths, we know all this.

You know men purchase property from wife money….! but i know many women send husband money to her parents, and on any occasion in her house her husband has to give expensive gifts her relatives, they will occupy his home, her sister/brothers stay permanently and work/study and he has no right to say anything than just pay their bills.even some Brother in laws use his cloths/shoes too.