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one has no control on another person’s behaviour/action. Human nature is very complex. it is not human but even in animals or bird you can see male trying to get attention/attract female for reproduction. so it is natural instict. parting is very painful and i can see the frustration in you. and more when you have kid. Kid is not a property of mother or father. In the early years of child it is mother who is in better position to take care. you cannot defy nature. ( see the animals and birds aroung you). child will not want to live the mother unless she is been very cruel. it is not right to take away the child suddenly. what is wrong if you let child live with the mother and you have visitation rights. in this way the child will have both mother and father in his life. and because the child is also yours you too are responsibile for paying your share. your wife is also contributing towards welfare not in terms of money by taking care. you did whatever you can to save this marriage you said PLEASE. one cannot force anyone to stay with you for whatever reason. may be she is not happy with you at all. you may not be compatible . move on in your life instead of living in past. money is needed to sustain life. but there are people who have too much money but do not have peace . instead of expecting one positive step from your wife. why not you take the first step and give her what ever support she needs at the moment. after all she is mother of your child. believe me you will not loose anything. you will be out of all the problems very soon. get well soon….