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her complaints toward us are as follows,

we always told like

she is not good looking,she is too short(this allegation is absolutely wrong because i have only 5 inch height and a handicapped person and she having about 5 inch height she is school teacher).This is her main allegation .she also said one night i scolded her alot,like i may be get better rlation than her and her family cheated……..that is why she tryed to attemt suicide,actually i never scolded her.She is a school teacher and she has erning.she hided this mattera from Panchayath authority, and recived un employment allowance from ther.I know this matter only after seeing reciept book from her bag.This is absolutely a wrong thing becuse this allowance is not eligible to her.because she is a teacher and her husband is a that night i adviced her,. as its is a punishibale.she did not admit her fault and insulted me. this is the real truth. …she and her sisters husband given petition against me and my mother.about 2 year case is pending with magistrate court