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1. Yes, they gave me dowry as a part of my “share” in my dad’s property, to help me with “MY” household……!!Thats a father’s property transferring to his daughter..!!..Why should I resist receiving a share in my dad’s money. Call it dowry / gift/ stree dhan….its MY money….my parents had just entrusted it to them,during kanyadaan and ceremonies….and I have rights on it–which they have kept with themselves conveniently!!…

2. Yes I have a brother…and I feel BOTH my brother and I should take care of our parents…why should I not feel for my parents who are the ones to have brought me up…..and I will always care for the,,,,. I DO NOT think taking care of my parents involves building properties for them….its emotional love and care..FYI my brother has recently purchased an apartment for himself …and I am super happy for him!!…

I have my answers and the solutions……I am created equal and I should stand up for my rights!!