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dude I have done my homework..YOU get your facts right..NO LAW in the world says that a father cannot gift money out of his free will to his daughter!!…Giving money FOR me is NOT a crime…keeping that money away from me IS a crime!!..Go check with your lawyers-I have checked with mine!!

Ok now comes duties…

What makes you think his parents have sole proprietorship towards his and mine duties-.mere maa baap ne mujhe factory mei manufacture nahi karwaaya hai….maa baap mere bhee baraabar hain…and if you care zilch about my parents ..I wont build castles for his!!

You are a man..and you talk equality and self respect….when the guy asks woman to make this BIG sacrifice to care for his parents more than her own..and doesn’t give it in return…is it self respect on his part??When working wife come home from work and cooks and cleans and men enjoy dozing in is self respect?

I left my career to be his life partner, cooked and cleaned…did compromises on my end??….he did NOT make me an equal partner…so better pay for it NOW….inequality expect karte time you guys dont remember self respect…financial support 2-3 saal karnaa pad jaata hai then you guys start remembering theories on equality??

And excuse me…..what makes you think that the responsibility lies on my shoulder to make him fall in love with me or make him lean towards myself…?? Why will I lean towards his way if he doesn’t lean towards mine!!

I have my choices too!! I had to leave my career at a point of time for him…and if I could make use of some maintenance for few years to grow my career further why shouldn’t I??

You treat women to your advantage…why will women leave that teeny weeny advantage they have to come up in life??