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I LEFT a good career and opportunity in India… that I could live with him….naukraani ban-ne ke liye nahi!!…equal partner ban-ne ke liye….it was a sacrifice I did, so that we could live together…….!!..Tell me how many men will leave the role of office work to become someone’s domestic servant, just so that you can live together with someone..??…When a guy denies me the right to financial security…he is denying me basic equality as a life partner!!

How easily u guys say…thats what the big deal if you are doing housework….he is “earning” which is big thing and it is “HIS” money…….!!! Excuse me—we are doing housework as a part of a sacrifice–not out of convenience!! and it needs to be appreciated….what kind of partnership it is…if the money becomes “HIS”–if he has ownership on our work..dont we have ownership over his work??

…If I dont get equality…I wont accept slavery atleast!!….