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Hey, Evil wife for your innocent hubby and DIL for your hubbys parents…

1)Streedhan and Dowry are very confusing terms sometimes.When you want to jail your hubby then you term it as if he has taken dowry from your parents… but when you claim this money legally ( i.e. by police /court) then you say that this money is your streedhan.So, basically you can mend the definition of the money/property recd from your parents as per your wishes sometimes as Dowry to implicate ur hubby and ur inlaws in Dowry Harrasment cases and sometimes as Streedhan to say it is your right to get it back.

2)You are also educated , if you do not want to live with him and give him a happy family then better get a divorce by mutual consent , why then asking for maintenance and alimony….”


3)If you give him respect and his parents respect then definitely you and your parents will also get respect.

Change your rotten attitude and change your thinking.Grow Up , Earn yourself and maintain yourself….

By the way what is your qualification….If you was working prior to your marriage then you can work now also,…. then why maintenance ….. “


1.Just the fact that they have kept my streedhan away forcibly is enough for me to jail him…….!!!I dont have to use ambiguous terms….keeping the facts is enough….now its my prerogative whether I want to jail him or not. If he is not extra bad to me in divorce proceedings, chances are most probably I wont.

2.I am ok with mutual consent divorce.

I am educated, but I lost good opportunities due to marriage….there is a career gap I faced….and I have given precious years of my life to a marriage of inequality.

To bring myself at par…I need further education……I have started my pursuit which I will not leave midway.

Yes, I can get a job….but I had lost the opportunity of a star career!!..I will not compromise with it…I have given him precious years of my life..and many chances to be equal and fair…..he has been demanding unfairness all through…….agar do-teen saal maintenance lene se I can go to a “star career”..why should I lse the opportnuty….uskaa bhalaa karne ke liye..just to save him from paying me maintenance, I should give up the opportnity?? usne mera itnaa bhalaa kiyaa hai kyaa?? For me, he has ruined precious years of my life because of unjust and unfair attitude……….itnaa compensation to bantaa hai usko bhee!!

3. I have given him everything. But I did not get it back.

Just because he is a guy you decided he will be fair and will give respect to my parents..yu change your rottten prejudiced attitude dude..kind of sucks!!!….I am happy with mine!!