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You are trying to say that shaadi ke “logistics” are enough to accept inequality in marriage?? What a lame reason to accept injustice……I didn’t care about the supply chain machinery that time….doesn’t mean I take crap for the rest of my life!!

I left my job to live with him……dependent visa was the only way to live with him !!

Ghar jamaai kyuu…when I am myself not living with my parents why should I ask him to live with them?? FYI I was living at my workplace at the time of marriage..which I left to be with him!!

YES I want to enjoy his money…because he wants to enjoy my services(and ofcours my money too!)…..Its called sharing !!…aur sharing ONE SIDED nahi hoti shaadi mei,…!!

Duties mutual hote hain..!!!I did mine…..when he did not do his..I STOPPED doing mine!!You have problems with that?? You like women doing one sided duties?