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I am writing with my real name, u r hiding with some imaginary name. when u feel that u r wrong then only u hide urself. My contention is 2 ways legal and society. It seems u don’t care about society. It is clear from ur postings that U needed ur husband only for monetary sake. If ur in-laws r so bad why u or ur parents have not investigated earlier so that u r happily married?

Madam ji forget it that u will get maintenance. If I was in ur husband’s position I would have fight till Supreme Court for atleast 10 years rather than giving money to u. There r ruling that NO Maintenance to be given to capable and educated women.

On my personal front I wish my wife to run away with some one so that I am free. She is not with me for last 4 yrs to take care of her parents, wants me to stay with them. I am taking care of her with out any Court Order. I have 4 cases on me still I daily talk to her. I have No kid but looking after 4 kids of orphanage aged between 6-12 yrs.