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Dunno why so many logics are being given to prove other wrong.

There are rules/ritual of the family/society which are being followed since ages. No body clearly knows how those got developed but definitely there must be some ground as most of the old things are now getting their scientific/logical reasons. If there are rules that Boy buys the bread and girls cook the same, one should not now question how these got developed. Plain and simple while in Rome follow the rules they have dictated else get alienated.

This happens in most of the stories, where DIL starts singing her own song of liberty, the day she enters a new house after marriage without completely understanding the rituals and rules being followed in the family. She must understand, she is the one who has to get herself adjusted to the new environment and she gets full support from her husband and even God, who made the girl in that way more flexibile and adaptable. Don’t go by word it is physically visible too. Can some one expect any Indian staying in other country starts demanding Indian laws to be implemented in the new country.

‘Human being’ – we are just fed with your side of story and your counter part definitely would have something to say. Ny ways, at heart everybody knows what he/she has done, but not the long term effects of the doing.

One more thing, I don’t why your reason to be here on this site. Do you want help, suggestion or some legal advice. To me it seems your own guilt brings you here all the time and you want others to believe, you and your thoughts are correct.