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I think there has to be a law to address the criminal aspect of dowry, which we cannot deny. Criminal offenses have to be addressed in some way…abolishing laws is not the way to deal with crimes.

why should a woman take police protection only if after divorce? Lets assume….a woman is beaten by her husband and in-laws….like every citizen of a free country, who can launch a police complaint for assault and physical abuse, same way women should have police protection against assault. And women should be encouraged to complain in case they are facing violence… that they get protection against things like beating and torture. Torture cannot be legalized. And you cannot legalize a crime, on the pretext of the law being mis-used….should we legalize murder and rape too??…or you are saying all crimes of lesser order should be legalized or the fear of mis-use.

They are also men, whose sisters and daughters have suffered… me, when you talk to them….you’ll know they are not bad people who have suffered on the other end too.

…you live in Canada…you know that domestic abuse is a crime there….in every free country it is a crime punishable by law. Also unlike Canada, USA …there are no good laws for alimony and maintenance in India…very low alimony is given in many cases–we should have really good laws on alimony too.

In such a system maybe 498A can be abolished, where domestic tortures are duly reported and action prompltly taken against them..and alimony system is good……but until then… legalization of dowry demands and domestic battering, abuse, dowry death threats in current scenario will make the situation grim.

And god forbid …..what if your sister / daughter was amongst those who were burnt or beaten (may God never let it happen to your family…)…but what if you were on the other side of the receiving end?? Would you all still feel the same…..?