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Humanbeing and smi:

1. When you say verbal abuse, women are very smart at that, who is accountable for their verbal abuse. Ifr husband says “NO” to their inexplicable demands, he is considered abusive when the wives are nagging their husbands, day and night, what will you call IT? I think this should be called as mild disputes. These can be resolved very easily if the couple is mature.

2. Girls are so selfish these days, they do not want to live with boy’s family, if boys insist they file the case……….. HELLO, it is not a DOWRY, it is DIS-AGREEMENT. Then the girls knows , “Oh! my father is wealthy and he will take care of me” OK! your father will take care of you…. But father is with political contacts fiel 498a case… wow! what a drama!!!!! is it not mis-use of law…. Hello! wake up India!!! If we want to make women strong that does not mean we have to make our men terrorrists and criminal.

I am running late…… WIll post rest of my comments later