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You are very much biased doctor,

abusing/ torturing/ harassing women for dowry is there all over India. In fact Mangalore also was in news for dowry harassment couple of weeks back. Unfortunately I’m not able to trace that news. I will get back to you with more information soon.

I have seen lot of Men, not being loyal to their wife. Men too desert their wives because they found someone else. In olden day in India men used ( our Kings too) to have more than one wife. I bet if survey is conducted on this, Indian women will definitely win in loyalty. There are more Men deserting their wives than women deserting or running away from their husbands.

I can give you the example of my maid servant her husband deserted her after she had two kids because he found one more women and he does not support her in any ways. She works in 6 housed from morning 6am to 2 pm and earns Rs 5000. She takes care of her children who are studding in English medium school.