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Child need both the parents. Doesnot matter what is the age of the child. One should not forget there is a supreme power above all the courts and law. No body should be deprived of doing his duty, either mother or father.

While together, my wife asked me once, if she gets separated and leave the child with me then how often will I allow her to meet him and my reply was spontaneous ‘Whenever she will want to, it is your natural right and why permission’. I don’t know how these laws have been drafted. How come they know that the child will need his father after 14 days only. I was the one who used to check him all night if he is wet and change/wash diaper in the night when he used to bed-wet. He had never asked his mother to give milk or food whenever I’m around. My wife had never fed fruits to him. She used to curse me that I am spoiling him as the kid is watching tv while I feed him with my hand and he expects the same from her when I’m not around.

It has been 3 years the kid is with me only and she never bothered to call him up or dropped a greeting on his birthdays. How hard hearted she has become.

If the father has to travel extinsevely, he is not doing it for fun. It is the demand of the job he is assuming. I had asked my wife the day she starts earning equal to me what I was earning @that time. I would happily like to leave the job and manage the home without maid even. Rekha ji, even killing my ego didn’t help.

It is not that all the mens are seeking relationships outside and all the women are like Sati Savitri or vice versa. It is a give and take relatioinship and both the parties have to contribute. I must say one(both) has to build a habit of giving without expecting in return with positive outlook. The day this happens – no relation can break, what to talk of Husband and wife.