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Yes. I do even though she came to me with the bad attitude.She will demand something and if I dont do that, she will try threatening me like this.

This happened in the past also. There was an incident happened before she throwed mangal soothr. I have presented a gold ring worth of 2G in the past, we could not find that in our house. So, we have asked her to did you take. She said no. Then I said, we can check that later as it is of only 2G and I dont mind if we loose also and I can get u another one if she want. This was the day before the kids naming ceremony day. it was already late around 11:45pm.She demanded me to check in the house in the midnight. I said, we can check later and I left the place. From then she did not take food . The next day, she did not participate much in the namding ceremony and we(me and my wife) have to sit for Puja for the sake of Kids. Suddeenly she then started fighting with me and my parents with no reason saying that we have not provided her food and etc. Infact we have asked her many number of times and many people are there as witness. Again she demanded to check for the ring, I said the same word to wait until finishing the puja and naming ceremony of the kids. Also, we have guests so let them go and then we can check them in the house after they left.

Suddenly, she thrown the Mangal Soothr and left the place with her parents. She is under her mother’s influence and her mother is very greedy about the money even though they are well settled. If she really, dont love then why did she get marry and ruin my life? if there is no belief and love then we can not live together. More ever their family is having very bad reputation killing their husbands. She dont listen to anybody except her mother and she dont want to attend any marriage counselling.