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once you told me that, not to repeat what she has done to me, or tell past things about mother to child.

now you only telling .

“Does filing 498A solves the problems… ??”

“Does it bring anything good to ur child???”

ask yourself, you filled 498a does it bring anyhting good to your child ?

Does filing 498A solves the problems ?

you filled 498A as revenge for what he has done. so you do tit for tat but you preach others not to do same.

what a double standerd.

All women file 498A and DV not on actual reason.

some women even file when they caught red handed with lover or asking to do their responsibility towards home.

whatever wrong/unethical thing ur husband done can be settled but once matter goes to police/court its very difficult to patchup, so it is not ur husband ruined ur marriage or child life, i blame you 101%.