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Some quick questions, Rekha Ji!

Were you able to catch your husband red handed? If yes, why was he doing this. Was the response from your side was good on his physical needs. May be he might have found you less interested.

– Yes I cought him. what if he say if someone is giving him why should he not take? if someone is giving him because he is giving her money for her needs.?? if he is getting something fresh from outside why will he give or take from wife. so wife should tolerate or just walk out of marriage leaving the child with the father. this is dignity??

Did you tried to tell the truth to his parents? You knew that his parents were otherwise good to you, there was no reason involving them in 498A problem. You yourself said that they were ignorant.

– they did not believe me and also did not allow their son to live with me and child and filed cases with counter allegation.

My wife herself liked to sleep and never respected my feelings as soon as I got married. I had controlled and never enjoyed. Even then, I had never ever flirted any other girl after marriage, but she continued to nag me for having a relationshi and later she herself found with some sms and maintaining another sim card without my knowledge later on, when enquired about the sms from her paramour.

– did you not think about your wife’s emotional and physical requiement (as soon as you got married)?? may be this is the cause.