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Again, in which country are you living. do you not know that 498A is non-bailable. why do people apply for AB. so u want to know does police arrest anyone without investigation.

u know abt tihar jail. poor old ladies with no money for AB. its filled with such women.

u want to know a real example. my father got AB because he was not staying with us (on long tour). my mother didnt get AB because in complaint it was mentioned that she tried to burn my wife (mind u no investigation or proof still AB rejected). me being husband and by default a cruel man also didnt get.

after months of trying and being underground we decided enough and went back home. on day one we both mom and son were arrested and presented in court. fortunately judge gave my mom regular bail probably seeing my mom’s health and i spent 7 nights in judicial custody.

yes guilty should be punished and also false cases and pergury should be dealt with an equal iron hand.

“if woman is also part in crime she will also face the same consequences” u r such an illogical person. i am wondering how u managed to get a job. women are part of crime for filing false cases and even after they are proved false NCM doesnt listen to mothers and sisters. we have live examples.