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D souza you are also not a real doctor. You can call me rekha’s sister. hope I will not be blocked just because I am rekha’s sister just like relative of 498a victim. Rekha wanted to reply to your post. why was it closed before rekha cud answer it. do you have any arrangement with admin or you yourself are admin so you did not want to listen to the truth and have meaningful debate or discussion. rekha is not here to post spam or break the rules of the forum. Has rekha not wisely answered/adviced to many victims trying to help from her own experiences.

if rekha has not followed the rules she was punished by blocking without warning instead admin informed the 3rd person. similarly if people who are not law abiding citizens and resort to antisocial acitivities go to jail. if there was some preventive mechanism such as compulsory councelling at the police station before actual complaint is taken could have prevented many 498a cases and saved many homes from distruction.