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i intentionally wanted to settled down with the family so spent 11 months bearing all the torture they gave but if initative will come from one side nothing will work out, and i feel depressed to see him blaming me for different reasons and supportign his mother. and if my family had bad intention to him he could have easily been trapped under legal terms. my undersating says til date this marriage was only to take the money and they had lot of expectations from me and my family in terms of money, my mother in law said every family says no to dowry and we also said like that only. i had given them money for 11 months then they will ask for Bank Statement ontop of it i’ll asked for salary slip to match the record and then Q&A round why deductions in the slip and what is need of the same. after doing all this another Q&A round for my expenditure.

it’s easier siad then done when u actually go through all this.

i have a strong feeling today it was planned initiative from their side just to take money as they never accepted named cheque but i was forced to give a self cheque.