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human being

plz cut the crap.u always support women na. so now listen to my story

i never dated a girl.i never looked to a girl. i was shy to talk to them. i

showed them all respected.

then i got married.was on top of my life. i used to love her too much.this

lasted 4 fine day she faked a suicide by showing to cut her wrist on

14th. i got inlaws stared threatening to file cases and asked us

even if they are false u have to prove the same in court.

my father got stroke(all this happened after 10 days of a family outing to a

famous beach resort).

parents of girl came to my place on 16th.

17th was my bday.she gave me a present,her parents wished me.they asked me to go

to my native to see my ailing father.i went to see him.

in after noon i came to know from neighbour they have left

18th i came back,saw full house is empty,all valuables taken.

they went to their place filed DV,498A,377,504,506,34 on my parents and me .my

parents used to love her more than my sister

bythe way she is an engineer.

now she is telling i didnot allowed her to work and cut her hand

so this is the truth of how girls are these days.

before shouting at men u should understand their point.if u can search what ipc

377 says u will know what my wife did to me….

and u want we men to be quite why??????????????????