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Mr. Blue,

do u still love her? y .. even after so many allegation. don’t u have self respect and dignity? what if she hates u and does not love u will ur marriage withstand with such negitive attitude. would u want to spend rest of your life with such unfaithful partner. is your future, career and life secure with such partner?. what if you had child and had this happended after. can you trust her ? you could have saved your marriage if these cases were not filed. and if the arguments/actions which resulted in the filing cases had been avoided. if problems between u were sorted out with discussions. every action has reaction. if she has falsely file so many cases she is having revengeful attitude which is more dangerous and it is surely result of some grave injury either it is emotional or physical. ur estranged wife will anyways not get maintenance as she is still capable of earning and educated ( as per law)money cannot be only reason