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marriage means union of two person to form one family unit and birth of child completes it. why do you think your money or her money. this attitude itself will trigger the conflict. when you say better half means she is your equal partner. if you contribute in terms of money for buying a house because u r working and she is not then she is managing your house and may be contributing in terms of labour that you cannot see . because it is not valued in terms of money. but if she is working e then she is also saving part of your income by not asking for her expenses. and if she is saving (in bank account)then also it is will go for family infcome( for the child expenses or future expenses of the house). what if woman who has been working stops working as her family needs her full time attention. is it not that her career and income is curtailed.

Dsouza if you have a mental block you cannot see beyond certain things and you remain in your own world.. there are many women who also contribute to homeloans by being a co-applicant now a days to buy a house property as you get higher loan eligibility. it is how your treat your wife as a slave or servent OR EQUAL is all attitude. if my husband gives gifts to my sister then I too feel I should give some thing to his sister. but can i give if i am not working? then I have to take money from my husband and give. what if my husband does not give money. relations are to build and nortured.

are you cooperative and broad minded??

I will definately buy a house someday for sure as i do not have permanent accomodation. why not.? whether me or my husband it is finally going to go the child? r u going to take anything with u when u die?

In general why man does not want to marry a ugly woman/handicapped??? or a woman who cannot give birth to a child?? or prefer not to marry a widow? or a prostitute??. but there are very few exceptions where courageous man have come forward to marry such woman. which cannot be denied.