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why this theological words comes now saying “marriage means union of two person…”

thats what i asked How many women you find who contribute and build house their own…

i can show you 99% men do.

dont teach me “equal partner” slave and servent” these words comes when man question women responsibility.

if money should not be issue or argue over it then see what gulati wrote ” she gave money to husband she says”

in india, situation is like, husband has to pay when they are togather, and he has to pay even she run away then no women is thinking about equality/marriage/union bla bla as you say WHY ?

Never compare a Prostitute to todays modren women or legal terrorists, they are far far better than you feminists who suck mens/husband blood. now question is who marry whom, but you are trying to twist the logic and do not have answer to what i asked.

who says man dont marry ugly women. i married twice, when there were many beautiful out there. but i know beauty is skin deep.