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hi all,

I read all eight pages, all I can say is

1. everybody wants stability in his/her life. Everybody wants to get settled and be happy.

2. It’s very easy to say all good things, and might be diffcult to act good.

Now coming to the point. Ask yourself

1. Am I happy?

2. What else I want to be happy?

3. When I’ll be happy?

There are laws which empowers women for injustice (few women misuse it also).

ms gulati: when u r sure that ur husband is not worth and he’s busy with someone else. Think what may make you happy in longer term and go for that. If fighting 125 makes you happy, go for it. When ur husband is not with you, he’s not ur husband and you can never survive on somebody else’s income. You should look for some other options. Every father takes care of his child, he’ll take care if the child is with him or he’s also involved in the developement of child. But if you want only money for this purpose, there are chances, he’ll never give. There are laws but it doesn’t mean, it should be used always.

Dr dsouza is a smart man, he’s settled in life and then may be fighting cases.

Mr blue, don’t repeat the mistake, she’ll never make u happy. You can talk to me if u want.

Humanbeing2 : what’s ur status and what course of action u r taking?

Life is great if ur partner is with you. With ur partner, you may enjoy facing challenges of life. Fighting cases with your partner is the worst thing, as I feel. fight brutally against women 498A women. Almost all cases are false.

Would like to know more about humanbeing? Why she’s hanging on here?