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If you are educated and working while living with your husband

1. Why do you claim maintenance saying that you are not working from your husband when you leave him?

2. Why do you file case against the whole family when u r not staying in combined family? why not only your husband?

I agree to point is Woman is important in this world but so is man. If u think man is given birth by woman and not get into this world out of thin air, but can woman give birth without man…

It is important that two should live together. If due to some circumstances, they decide to go their own ways, why do put all these cases and try to settle them with money. If money is important factor while seperation there is no requirement for woman being educated. Two families can have their family members (Panchayat) sit together, settle between them selves and go their own way. Atleast in that case none of families are hurt to extent as it is when cases are filed and both have to go to court.

In my case, I fought more then half a dozen cases for more then 5 years. My wife was working when she was staying with me. But she left her job and filed these cases. She joined MNC again and started working but in court she kept on saying she is not working. she claimed equal amount of salary which is earning in MNC.

I had earlier salary account which was shared with her moment we got together but she never got her salary account shared with me. It is shared even today even though we are legally divorced now. She used that account details in court to prove my salary.

What do you think she has intention except for money ? what values she owns or provided by her Parents? At this time asking for money filing maintenance cases, they are poor woman. All values and creditability of modern and educated woman gets drained.

When girls family is approached or they themselves think of getting it settled outside the court if cases specially divorce case filed by her is hanging, why do they ask for handsome amount of money?? Is it not greedyness??

Are they asking for extra money as interest or charges of night she spent with me??

If she does not want to continue the relationship why to make tamasha in whole world?? why not to sit and get settled.

With growing cases with this so called modern girl, do u ever think, we are leading to single Parenting? If you want to see the future of it, look towards the west.

If you are educated why don’t woman work and maintain themselves after seperating instead of asking for monthly maintenance? why do u need money from us?