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Mr achieve stability in life you need money…its true my husband is not mine now…but at one time he was …my husband has used me so many times…demanded money, gifts from me and parents everytime..I did not want to concieve initially…becoz i was afraid of his behavior but he did not listen me..and forcibly wants me to have a baby boy…And now i have a girl child…if i’ll give him the custoay of my child he would give her child to her mistress who might make her a servant..why should i give him the custody..

yes i am very very happy to file the maintenance case on him …i don’t mind it becoz i haven’t done anything wrong and i want to seek justice which is my rights i haven’t yet file any other case viz;(498,dv act or dowry) which was suppose to be done…i don’t mind if the case would run for several years or might i lose my time/money…the so called my husband should be severly punished as he has deserted his daughter…

If my husband did not want to stay with me..and he’s interested in his mistress than atleast he should provide with financially stability to his child…

Dr dsouza now you say…you would not deny any rights for their own children.whether bad or good…why.. becoz they are your children?…what about those children who could not find their partner in their life… than

they need their parents..who would find the same good spouse….nobody know what would happen next

Have you seen any parents who has destroy their daughter’s life aftre marriage …

if you say yes…than i would also say..husband’s parents are also very much involved in breaking the relationship of marriage…(for example in my case)My in laws actually needed the servant…which i could not prove myself and they thrown me out with the child…still you would have mercy on men?

Why its a worst thing to fight case with your partner if some injustice is there..If something is wrong done by him which is injustice to his wife…(to aap uski aarti to nahi utarenge)