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(i)why i am not entitled to have maintenance?…i know i am qualified but i am not capable to work because i can’t leave my daughter alone… also how much can i earn suppose my income is 5000 permonth and my husband is earning more than i lakh than also i am not entitled to maintenance? what about my daughter’s he is not responsible for giving maintenance to his daughter?…..(i)

(b)You should NOT demand maintenance because you are an educated woman. You have the ability to get a job. You cannot give your daughter as an excuse. Yes, your daughter needs to be maintained but NOT you. If your income is 5000, it is your problem. You can enhance your education and skills and not be like an extortionist demanding your hafta from your husband just because you were married to him. Marriage is not a bounty and method of money-making. Husbands and men are NOT ATM machines of women. You can seek maintenance for your daughter by all means; but not a single pie for yourself.