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you r wrong. my parents and my in laws are of same financial status. my husband prospered only after our marriage and even if i had married some other person he will not be earning less than me. so we cud have maintained same financial status had i been working. I had never controlled and never interfeared in his financial affairs and in fact i used to save money what he gave me and i used to give back to him during difficult time. in his friends circle, he found someone more physically attractive person who was desperately in need of emotional support and money. so all his attention got diverted and he got involved with her. and when i found the truth he just deserted me as he cud not show his face. and was trying to stop me from leaving the place as he wanted the child to be near to him. he got entangled between two relation one the other woman and his child. i cud not stand the loneliness and cheating and my health detoriated i came to my parents with the child.

mr.dsouza, i hope i am not breaking the rule by discussing my personal issue in this thread. this is answer to your question. as the administrater do not try to prompt someone to break the rules and then later block them. shall we start a new thread to discuss my case.??