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although woman is educated and capable of working she may not be able to earn like her husband because she might not be working after marriage and will be underemployed. if there is a vast difference in income you are still eligible for maintenance. there are judgement in support to it. as the child is minor you will have her custody and he has to pay you child support which will give you some relief.

Who is forcing women to sit at home or stop working after marriage? When women are equally educated, it is the woman’s responsibility to take care of herself. Infact, in this era of gender equality, the man need not work and has the right to sit at home while his wife can work if she wants to. If there is a vast difference in income, it does not matter. It is the MAN’S INCOME. Not a hafta for the woman! If there are judgements to support such hafta and mamool, such judgements are wrong and can be contested. It is also illogical for an educated woman to seek alimony and maintenance. Afterall, alimony and maintenance were meant for women when they were not given education and were inside the four walls; certainly not for the 21st century woman who has learnt the art of misusing this system!

why should Indian woman not fight for maintenance if her husband wilfully does not perform his duties as a husband and father and also neglects/illtreats her to such an extent that she is forced to leave her matrimonial house.

so only the husband has duties and the wife doesn’t. This wife has fled her matrimonial home and hasn’t she gone back on her duty? How do you know that the husband has not performed his duty? Is the husband here to explain his part of the case? Just because the wife alleges extra-marital affairs, does not mean that she is telling the gospel truth. Moreover, please explain the duties of the wife – not just her rights. Rights come with equal duties. Tell me what should a husband do when his wife takes away his child from his home and then refuses to come back and seeks hefty alimony for having stayed for a few months with him?

if you are physically raising the child it is his duty to maintain and secure his child’s future. (here he has not even shown any interest for even visiting his child)

why should the woman physically raise the child? Give the child custody to the man. He will do it. Are men only sperm donors and ATM machines for women?