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Who is forcing women to sit at home or stop working after marriage? When women are equally educated, it is the woman’s responsibility to take care of herself. Infact, in this era of gender equality, the man need not work and has the right to sit at home while his wife can work if she wants to. If there is a vast difference in income, it does not matter. It is the MAN’S INCOME. Not a hafta for the woman! If there are judgements to support such hafta and mamool, such judgements are wrong and can be contested. It is also illogical for an educated woman to seek alimony and maintenance. Afterall, alimony and maintenance were meant for women when they were not given education and were inside the four walls; certainly not for the 21st century woman who has learnt the art of misusing this system!

what if in laws do not want her daughter in law work as they are happy with the present financial status. or make a home condition non cooperative for her to take up job. and then she faces separation for whatever reason. what will be ur verdict??