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Gulati has not yet filed 498a/DV. which she cud have used if she wanted..

the way you women are misusing the law, very soon these laws will lose their meaning. Its like the false alarm being raised which would eventually destroy the trust and reputation of women. Already women have lost it aplenty and have some shame.


there are such things happening in the closed doors and not reported. and with the changing times people are coming forward and reporting without fear. Newspaper are flooded with crime against child and woman.

what if she is saying the truth.what is wrong if we believe her and give advice.

there are so many things that happen behind closed doors very often women and wives indulge in those extras. But you only quote one-sided allegations and make everybody believe that it is all that is. Newspapers are flooded with crimes against women because any allegation by a woman {without proof] is taken as the gospel truth. On the other hand, the crimes committed by women on men is not even reported as our stupid society believes that women are all sitas. No wonder that male suicide rate is much higher and it increases after marriage. I personally know many men whose lives have been destroyed by their wives. Its time for men to fight this nonsense of women empowerment which is nothing but male slavery.

Married men are twice as vulnerable to suicide due to Domestic Violence compared to married women:-

The suicide statistics for the year 2009 for India are out as published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) – a unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

A glimpse of the figures is

Unmarried boys – 17738.

Unmarried girls – 10063.

Husbands – 58192

Wives – 31300

Widower – 2848

Widowed – 2674

Divorcee (male) – 635

Divorcee (female) – 613

Separated (male) – 2058

Separated (female) – 1030

1. Total (male) – 8147 2. Total (female) – 45680

Ratio: Male : Female Suicides 2009=178 males :100 females.