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what if in laws do not want her daughter in law work as they are happy with the present financial status. or make a home condition non cooperative for her to take up job. and then she faces separation for whatever reason. what will be ur verdict??

Most in-laws today want their wives to work because of high costs of living. If there are some remote cases where the in-laws do not cooperate, its better for the new couple to make a separate house. This is nothing new as it is very common in this generation. Infact, in-laws cannot stop educated women from working.

The bottomline is that marriage is not a bounty and not for gold-digging by women. There cannot be a hard and fast rule that no woman is eligible for alimony or maintenance. But same time, educated women should not expect alimony and maintenance when they are capable of taking up a job. Men are NOT ATM machines and money spinners for women. Nor are they sperm donors. They are human beings with equal rights and fathers of their children.