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whether girl child or boy child they are raised equally by their parents in the modern times.

then why do women seek for well-settled men for marriage? Why are so many men unable to marry simply because their earnings are less? Why are taxes for women less for the same amount of income? Why is interest on loans less for women while interests for women on deposits more simply because the estrogen runs in their blood? Why do women seek rich men for marriage? Its time to alter this and make the feminists accountable for the change.

Husband who has been working continuously will obviously be in a better position than the wife who has left her job after marriage for any reason or for raising the child.

If husband is working continuously its because of the stupid culture that we have which expects men to be the protectors and providers of women and society. Not because men love to work and be the money-making machines of women and tax payers of society. Nor does it imply that women can take advantage of this. Who is asking women to leave their jobs especially in today’s high costs of goods? Educated women cannot be forced or compelled into anything. They are majors, of sound mind and have the right to vote. Then what the fuss about being compelled to leave job to take care of family?

one cannot guarantee that she will find suitable job later when she wants to take up job so easily in this competitive job market though she is qualified and competent. she may loose her experience being out of touch in the job market.

For your kind information, its much easier for women to get a job than a man because of various reasons such as:- 1. Company’s policies on gender. 2. HRs having soft corner for women. 3. Social obligations and political correctness.

don’t u think if she had not left her job she wud have been at par or far more better position than her husband.

who is asking women to leave their jobs in the first place? It is a serious allegation without any base. Moreover, I think if women feel that their jobs would be threatened because of marriage, let them start seeking unemployed men for marriage so that men could be househusbands. Why do women seek rich, well-placed and well-settled men?