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what is your advice for gulati. if we believe her story and accept that her husband has established physical relation with his bhabhi and not mere allegation and because he lost interest in her and now deserted her and his girl child as he does not want to take their responsibility.

Such stories are common place in today’s society when women seek to get alimony and maintenance from their hubbies. Such stories create sympathy and our pro-women courts would give whatever asked for and beyond! Strangely, our legal system and society does not make it clear what the responsibilities of a wife are. They are merely talking about the responsibilities and duties of a husband forgetting that women should also have equality in terms of responsibilities.

I ask you this question. What if this story is false and a cover-up for seeking alimony and maintenance?

what wud you advice her and to the best interest of child and taking into considering the basic human rights.(without misusing law) if she files 498a/DV is it wrong?

first of all, both 498A and DV are against the basic principles of law and human rights. These two laws are passed because of vote-bank politics and to encourage the business of extortion. They are inhuman, unconstitutional and against the fundamental principles of law. These laws would be applicable to only illiterate women in villages. Not the educated women in urban areas. Certainly not. 498A and DV are extortion laws!!!