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so only the husband has duties and the wife doesn’t. This wife has fled her matrimonial home and hasn’t she gone back on her duty? How do you know that the husband has not performed his duty? Is the husband here to explain his part of the case? Just because the wife alleges extra-marital affairs, does not mean that she is telling the gospel truth. Moreover, please explain the duties of the wife – not just her rights. Rights come with equal duties. Tell me what should a husband do when his wife takes away his child from his home and then refuses to come back and seeks hefty alimony for having stayed for a few months with him?

why did she fled? what should be her duty according to u? cheating a wife itself is wrong in marriage? what if she is telling the truth and is here for advice. if wife has been illtreated and is tempted to leave her matrimonial house as she cannot bear anymore and also takes the child as he has always been in the care of the mother since her birth. and now needs money to raise the child? what should she do?