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why did she fled?

She says she fled because of her husband. But we don’t know the real fact because we don’t have her husband here to tell his side of the story. But I know of many cases where the wife has extra-marital affairs and turns it against the husband. I am not saying that this case is like that. But I am showing you how stories are weaved to perpetuate a lie and several lies.

what should be her duty according to u?

the law is very ambiguous and unclear about the duties of a wife. It merely specifies the duties of a man. Is that fair? You tell me what according to you are the duties of a woman?

cheating a wife itself is wrong in marriage? what if she is telling the truth and is here for advice.

we don’t know who has cheated whom. Cheating wives very often turn it on the husband. Many cases exist that way. Nobody is against alimony in genuine cases, but everybody is against alimony and maintenance to women who are educated and have the ability to earn.

if wife has been illtreated and is tempted to leave her matrimonial house as she cannot bear anymore and also takes the child as he has always been in the care of the mother since her birth. and now needs money to raise the child? what should she do?

Why assume that men are always the perpetuators of hate and torture against women and women are always the victims? Your above quote is best suited for a different era and I agree that in such genuine cases women needed alimony because they were not educated and were not allowed to work. But now, women should support themselves. They should not expect a hafta from the man. However, the man should support the child whether it is with him or with the wife. Just as much as the wife should do so. But why should the wife take away the child when it equally belongs to the husband? Its kidnapping.