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not all women coming from poor family seek wealthy man. nowaday women seek man who are compatible and well settled and also man marry only woman who they find attractive and think they are perfect match.

You have contradicted yourself. You say that not all women seek wealthy men. Then, you say women seek well-settled men. My question is why do women seek well-settled men when they are well-educated and well-earning themselves and when this is the era of equality? When women seek well-settled men, you call it their right. But when men seek well-settled women, you call it “dowry”. Isn’t this a double standard? Regarding attractive women which men seek, I say assure you that the opposite is also true. Many profile I have come across where women seek attractive men. Don’t bring in the issue of looks here. We are debating on issues of money, wealth, roles and maintenance.

wealth can increase or decrease after marriage. but parents in the arranged marriage want to see their loved one is not deprived of life she enjoyed in her parents house.

If the parents of the girl wants to see that their daughter is not deprived of a good life, they should educate her well and make her get a good job instead of hunting a wealthy and well-settled groom. Grooms are NOT ATM machines!

I can take you argument and say that same thing to the sons. Parents of sons are then justified in seeking dowry because they do not want to see their sons being deprived of the lifestyle they enjoyed! Would you agree with that? When a woman seeks a well-settled man, you try to justify it but when a man seeks a well-settled woman, you call it dowry. Is this gender equality?

upliftmen of women comes into picture when incidences of injustice/crime against women raises.

what about the injustices against men? What about the crimes against men? Look at the suicide picture. Men’s suicide rate is more than 5 times the number of women. Isn’t that an indication of injustice and serious wrong?

who is stopping man to express his emotions and considered as disposables?

The social norms, social values, social concept of masculinity suppresses men with regard to their emotions, communication.

It is the society which considers men as disposable and that is the reason it doesn’t ask men what their problems are inspite of their suicide rate being much higher. Everytime there is a crime or mistake, the men are the first to be blamed and suspected. It happens in schools, in colleges, just everywhere. Read “The Depths of Male Disposability”

what rights have been robbed from you?

The right to express, the right to cry, the right to be empathised and sympathised, the right to equality with women in terms of morals, the right to be free from socially imposed rules of masculinity.

Men Are Oppressed Too!

how many woman remarry after separation having child?

You have to file and RTI application for that. I don’t have the statistics.

has her life not ruined?(geniune cases).

Do women only have a life? What about men who get separated and divorced? Aren’t their lives been ruined? Your statement of women’s only perspective is a glaring example of the male disposability. You don’t even think for a moment what happens to the lives of men who are divorced or separated by the woman. You only talk about the lives of women getting ruined. Now do you understand what male disposability is all about? Men don’t matter is the underlining statement of our society at all times.