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educated employable women should not ask for maintenance there is no arguement/debate about it. when you say with exceptions. a woman with nursing child without support has taken a decision not to work for sometime for taking care of child. do you consider her eligible for maintainance.

she has a legitimate child (from a marriage ) for which she is asking child support. is her husband more responsible for her or his bhabhi with illegitimate relation. is marriage misery/crime for this woman?. adultery is crime for which one should be severly punished when you have a legitimate child. it is question of basic human rights.

i have asked the question about statistical data to show majority of woman with child have dim chances of remarriage and have to lead a lonely life where as man remarry and move on. separated spouses with child living in separate location will have custody with one parent.

will you marry a divorcee with a child?? marriage is a commitment not crime.(for both)