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when you say with exceptions. a woman with nursing child without support has taken a decision not to work for sometime for taking care of child. do you consider her eligible for maintainance.

Who asked the woman to take such an irresponsible decision to sit at home and not to work? The woman is not socially, morally or legally obliged to do it. Is the man resigning his job after the birth of his child? NO, then why should the woman resign?

she has a legitimate child (from a marriage ) for which she is asking child support. is her husband more responsible for her or his bhabhi with illegitimate relation.

You are mixing up child support and wife support. They are different. Child support is perfectly fine but you cannot seek wife support in the garb of child support. You are making child support as an excuse to get maintenance.

is marriage misery/crime for this woman?.

Its a crime for men; not for women. That is why men end up paying hefty alimony, maintenance and all laws are screwed against them. Have you heard of women paying alimony and maintenance to men? Where is the equality?

adultery is crime for which one should be severly punished when you have a legitimate child. it is question of basic human rights.

Agreed. But then how do you assume that the man is having an affair with his bhabhi? Just because the wife says so does not mean that. It may be a different story too.

i have asked the question about statistical data to show majority of woman with child have dim chances of remarriage and have to lead a lonely life where as man remarry and move on.

You are referring to the society some 50-60 years ago. I personally know many cases where woman with a child has re-married. You are living in an era where widows were ill-treated. This is the 21st century and women who are widows care a damn about it. Dr dsouza has also clarified it.

separated spouses with child living in separate location will have custody with one parent.

Then why should the woman get the custody? Let the man get it.

will you marry a divorcee with a child??

Not if she is a feminist. Not if she is a gold-digger and on an expedition.

marriage is a commitment not crime.(for both)

But unfortunately the feminists and the govt. of India think otherwise; they believe that its a commitment only for men and a reward for women.